Command Lock Smart Electric Sliding Door Lock Kit by Lingle Technologies (c)

Command Lock by Lingle Technologies is our smart lock that works with ZigBee technology such as (but not limited to) the Smart-things Hub.

This electric smart lock works on sliding doors including sliding glass doors too.

A ZigBee compatible hub is required.
Lock your sliding door from a smartphone (not included), the Exit switch (included), or the wireless lock switch (included) at any time.
Can be configured to unlock or lock if there's loss of power.
Uses the new ZigBee secure protocol.
Assembled and shipped from Colorado USA.
Ships USPS Priority Mail (2-3 day) from Colorado.

Our patent pending kit has everything you need to install it.

Includes 1 year warranty, free support.

photos shown are an example of painted, installed kit. for sale is a new kit.

Command Lock kit includes:
1 power supply encased in a white surface mount box (can be put behind curtains or blinds)
1 electric dead bolt
1 wireless wall mount switch (minus on/off sticker)
1 emergency exit surface button (not shown)
1 cable from power supply to electric dead bolt
2 white cord covers for cable
1 power cord to wall
1 smart power plug
1 set of screws
1 easy to install detailed manual
All for $195.99 plus $16.00 shipping and handling to anywhere in the continental USA.

* A sliding door with a minimum lock mounting surface area : at least 1.5" on the moving glass frame and at least 1.5" on the entire stationary door frame).
* 120v AC 3-prong power outlet. If you have a 2-prong (without ground), you can get an adapter at the hardware store. It's best to have it less than 10 feet from the sliding door.
* Drill and Philip screw driver.

email: for questions.

Darrin Lingle
PO Box 745494
Arvada, CO 80006

example of installed kit

controller (ships w/white plastic junction box)

smart power switch (ships w/black unpainted cord)

electric dead bolt (ships silver unpainted)

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